DangerAngel - All the King’s Horses

DangerAngel All the King’s Horses cover
All the King’s Horses
Melodic Rock Records
Consistency is a rather important thing, when you have a band… see DangerAngel are a band that has changed three vocalists in as many albums, as well as slightly shifting the focus of its sound also thrice, while still being categorized as melodic rock at all times.
Their first attempt was quite old-school, the second was a bit too much like JSS’s failed modernist experiments (he sung in both and produced the latter), while the newest one sort of combines the melodic sensitivities of the first, but has a more up-to-date sound. Third time’s the charm they say and possibly that’s the case with these guys.
The big improvement here is the addition of BJ, a Brazilian vocalist, who at the time of a joint tour was a member of JSS’s solo band, but was convinced to join the ranks of this band. He is in all ways, shapes and forms a far superior vocalist than Tsigos, their previous vocalist, who even though billed as the lead, seemed to disappear into the mix, when JSS was singing “backing” vocals.
Toning down the multiple vox and giving space to their new kid in the block, DangelAngel deliver an all-around very respectable album, possibly their best yet, with also their songwriting somewhat transformed and matured to fit their newest direction. Every band can do with a singer that’s able to “sell” the songs and boy is BJ quite a revelation. Without the “crutches” of JSS, Danger Angel comes onto its own and pulls a winner with this one.
From “To Kill a Saint”, to the somewhat introspective lyrical “All the King’s Horses”, down to the “Hollow Men” and everything in between, this album is really worth your time and consideration. You know what they say… if you don’t at first succeed, keep trying.
Also the tour has done the band a world of good as they sound a lot more cohesive as a unit… let’s see how they’ll fare then and if this album will set them on a steady course or they will change styles and singers once again, come the next album.