Dan Reed Network - Fight Another Day

Dan Reed Network Fight Another Day cover
Dan Reed Network
Fight Another Day
Frontiers Music Srl
The fantastic thing with an artist or a band like Dan Reed and his “Network” is that despite being apart for a while, reuniting for some gigs and just jamming away has proven that they haven’t missed a single step since their heyday, but maybe they’ve also matured nicely. Funky, smart, rocking when they need too, Dan Reed Network return as good as you remember them if not better.
“Fight Another Day” beautifully manages to mash up funky grooves, sexy smooth vocals with a lot of feel, socially conscious, uplifting lyrics that flourish in beautiful choruses… an overall superb experience that will remind you of just how good these guys were and still are. While back in the day their undeniable talent was augmented by a series of very fortunate events like landing huge support spots etc., they did land them because they rightfully deserved them. They did disband because of being disillusioned by the record business (what a surprise!) and Dan himself sort of took to the east on a journey of spiritual enlightenment that he must have attained since he returned with a very “buddah / bruda” haircut when he resurfaced! (lol)
Really this new album completely captures the band in full flight and if you liked them then, you’ll still like them now. If you’ve never heard of them before thing of well a much funkier and hard rock influenced version of the “RHCP” with lots more melody and variety and quite smooth and “tuneful” vocals. I won’t even bother pointing out songs, because – this album – just like pretty much every other they have released is pretty much a treasure trove, you could just play any song and it really does stand its own ground, the mark of a truly wonderful band and a true artist.
Deeply impressed and infatuated in the most positive way. Overwhelmed with positive energy… this “Buddha rock” stuff rocks!