D-A-D - Dic Nii Lan Daft Erd Ark

Dic Nii Lan Daft Erd Ark
EMI Records
So, the Danish rockers D-A-D are back with a new album after 3 years since “Monster Philosophy”. The band is still on the same musical path that has taken up since the late 90s… soft rock with alternative and new rock elements… something entirely different since their glory days back in the late 80s. The became known with the astonishing hard rock album “No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims” in 1989… and since then, they are trying hard to surpass this publicity. Unfortunately, for all of the band’s fans the aforementioned album will always be the best work of the band… even today, most people are referring to that album when it comes to D-A-D.
“Dic Nii Lan Daft Erd Ark” which refers to the band’s name (they cannot use the word Disneyland anymore after a threatening lawsuit from the big US company) and is a trick with words… is on the same style like all the previous works of the band. Rock music with more modern orientations and various US and European pop/rock influences. I do not know how successful the band is nowadays or if they have gained a lot of different audiences with this kind of music… but I prefer the music they used to make back in the 80s… I know that there’s no way to change back to their original music style… so, no hard feelings here. If you like this kind of music then it’s ok… if you don’t then just listen to something else.
However, this is not a bad album at all… it is well produced and it has its moments (for example “Your Lips Are Sealed” is a very beautiful ballad) but overall this is a rather tedious album that has not much to offer.
PS: You can listen to the whole album at: dic-nii-lan-daf-terd-ark.dk – a very smart move from the band.