Cyanide 4 - Nekyia

Cyanide 4 Nekyia cover
Cyanide 4
Perris Records
Cyanide 4 is a Greek power/neo glam metal quartet, a poor man’s Crashdiet, with inferior songwriting with a couple of releases up their sleeves, a debut comprising of a variety of private EPs that sounded quite disjointed but had its moments and a later EP that I didn’t even know it ever came out. Not certain if the band was on hiatus either, since I remember then “threatening” to release a follow up and even releasing tracks from it a few years back. They return a little more “focused” but also lacking any edge and danger that their debut might had. With their singer greatly improved, but really lacking in charisma, it’s unlikely to set the world on fire with songs like “Restless” and “Rock ‘N Roll Hero” being both too one dimensional and not “that” catchy, but also other moments worth of some mention, like “Getaway”, “Lucky 13” and “Love Me When I’m Dead” not managing to really rise above mediocrity.
It’s commendable that they’re sticking to the guns, but I can’t see any roses anywhere in this story, unless the status of local bar hero, and poster boy for local 16 year old girls, is something that one could really give a f@ck about. Also their attempt to sound serious, while serving a style that’s mostly about not giving a fuck and having fun, sort of backfires since “Nekyia” (=necromancy?) might be decent enough and much improved instrumentally, but it’s  a long way from exciting and if you can’t excite especially in this genre, you better hang it up.