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Cure For Gravity is a new act from Berkeley, CA that has just released their debut EP, which consists of 6 tracks. If this EP had 2-3 tracks more, then it could have made a damn nice debut full-length album. I guess we have to wait a while for that.
Anyhow, Cure For Gravity - they do have a cool name by the way - play a mix of, atmospheric, synth, ambient & alternative rock with cinematic, pop-rock & post-rock touches. Their sound is influenced Porcupine Tree, The Pineapple Thief, Radiohead, Pink Floyd (do they need to be mentioned?!), The Cars, ELP & The Alan Parsons Project among others, but with a modern twist. The production is very clear, full and contemporary. The album was engineered and mixed by Gabriel Shepard, co-produced by Joe Markert (vocals, guitar, keys) and Shepard and mastered by Piper Payne of Coast Mastering.
The band is a trio but they needed some help from extra musicians for the recordings. Hence, there are a few guest appearances by Dan Feiszli on bass (on all tracks), Casey Cameron on additional keys & string arrangements, Louise Nalbandian on backing vocals (on tracks 1 & 5) and Ray Puzey on keys (on track 2).
The band has also released a video for the track (with the weird title) “BlackMetal”, but you need not worry cuz the specific track has nothing to do with “black metal music”; it just “explores” the dark dystopian territory that eerily reflects today’s politician landscape. Generally, this EP is fine and has its moments. I didn’t quite like the “high pitched” vocals at times and I do prefer Joe’s singing, when he does not “cross the line”. I do think that “Push” along with “BlackMetal” are the top tracks on this release. I’m curious to see how this band will evolve and I’m looking forward to their debut full-length album already…