Cryonic Temple - Into the Glorious Battle

Cryonic Temple Into the Glorious Battle cover
Cryonic Temple
Into the Glorious Battle
Scarlet Records
Cryonic Temple are a Swedish band that was founded in 1996 in Dalarna only debuting after the turn of the millennium that have so far released five or so albums. They are of the same ilk as Orphan Gypsy, Hammerfall, Iron Fire and the titular and quite inexplicably disproportionately successful Sabaton.
Dungeons, Dragons, Warriors etc… done medium well. Not as well as some of the better bands in the genre, but neither as bad as some of the hapless ones.
“Man of a Thousand Faces” is typical of what you should expect; power metal with a more “metallic” classic metal flavor that’s not bad at all. It ends up being one of the better tracks on the album. Most of the “War/Hero/Battle” sort of songs tend to have a nice riff and basic melody, although they tend to have all that Sabaton sort of pomp that I find a bit too over the top. Some others are a bit like Hammerfall, when they bring the hammer down “true”, which is a bit better is suppose and a few are a bit more charged “Europower meets Helloween”. I suppose not a million miles away from what a lot of bands did back in the day… really the band has a lot of cheese-y power in the middle that you’ll either love, or hate. I stand divided, because I’m inclined to like it, since it’s melodic and pretty well done, but it’s oh so predictable. I feel I could do without… the last few tracks like “This War is Useless” and “Heavy Burden”, even “Freedom”, which close the album manage to differentiate themselves by becoming more theatrical and adventurous and experimental with their tempi.
Depending on your disposition towards their chosen style, you might like them quite a bit or they might leave you quite cold. I was stuck somewhere in the middle… I guess.