Crying Steel - Time Stands Steel

Crying Steel Time Stands Steel cover
Crying Steel
Time Stands Steel
My Graveyard Productions
Sometime back in 1982 Crying Steel were born in Italy. As a band of their time they were into heavy metal… no bullshit – just heavy metal folks. After several demos and an EP, the band managed to release its debut album, “On the Prowl” in 1987. Unfortunately, in 1990 they broke-up till 2003 when they took shape again. In 2007, they released their comeback album “The Steel is Back!”. After that, one guitarist and the vocalist left the band due to musical differences and the new guitarist, Massimiliano Magagni and the vocalist, Stefano Palmonari, came over. Now, almost 6 years later, their third full-length album is out and we’ve got the chance to hear both the new guitarist and vocalist.
They may have an 80s metal approach (how could they escape it), but their sound is very dynamic & fresh as well. They’re not trying to sound retro at any point and that’s a good thing in general… especially these days when every looser tries to “shine” by copying-pasting” the 80s & the 70s. All the songs have strong & pounding rhythm sections, heavy riffs & “metal” vocals (“high” also when need be). The vocalist is exceptional I have to say… as all the members if I wanna be precise.
Crying Steel is not another band that’s trying to sound like they are in the 80s or imitate that specific metal era. They indeed are an 80s metal child that’s returned in the 00s/10s to play the music they love the most… music that comes straight form their metal heart. I’m sure all the 80s heavy metal lovers will get my point of view right away. As for others, let them enjoy their “nu-shit-gay-wannabe-metal music” that has not future at all. For me this is the band’s most complete work to date with the best cover artwork too. “Time Stands Steel” is a fully enjoyable album mainly for those who fancy their heavy metal to be pure & neat as in the 80s…