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Cry Of Dawn
Cry of Dawn
Frontiers Music Srl
Cry Of Dawn, the band, is another musical Frankenstein put together at the deepest dungeons of Frontier’s castle, I would presume when Serafino thought it might be interesting to see what his new guitarist prodigy Michael Palace could do, when coupled with Daniel Flores, who here wears the hats of keyboardist/drummer/producer/songwriter, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Soren Kronkvist, Daniel Palmqvist and Robert Sall (all talent signed to the label) with one Goran Edman installed as the vocalist, who obviously made a name for him throwing his lot with people like John Norum, Yngwie Malmsteen and partaking in bands like Brazen Abbot, Glory etc… as his almost 50 albums can attest.
The debut is a pleasant, but not “golden” standard AOR/Melodic Rock album, which seems to be able to maintain a solid enough identity, despite the many writers involved. The performances of all involved cannot be questioned, indeed, with the only problem potentially being that the material seems to have a bit of a uniform generic sound with hardly any song taking “lead”. Among the better examples opener “Chance”, the dramatic “Tell It to My Heart” (not a TD cover) and the sentimental ballad “Building Towers”, which is also reprised acoustically are among the highlights, although different people may like different songs from this collection.