Crucified Barbara - The Midnight Chase

Crucified Barbara The Midnight Chase cover
Crucified Barbara
Midnight Chase
The illegitimate daughters of Lemmy and Ms Jack D, the Swedish Foxy 4, known as the Crucified Barbs, are back, as raw and in your face as ever and as edgy an’ sexy as you may remember them, if you’ve been exposed to them previously an’ then some more!
“Midnight Chase” is their third album, on which the barbs, deliver 11 new shots of their brand of bawdy, edgy, fatally female, rock n’ metal, that owes its dues to the Motorhead, Girlschool, The Runaways and Rock Goddess!
While the album brisk with rock goodness and the young Sweed-ladies, seem to rock out like the best of them, the one problem I’d detect is that for the most part the songs on this album are just more of the same of what the band did in their previous albums, with little innovation, imagination or variation. Of course, sticking to your guns, is something that should be commendable, but you’d expect someone, to do so, while managing to keep things fresh as well, by taking little risks that would take them out of their comfort zone. That’s not quite the case here.
Mia’s raspy vocals and attitude, cannot be denied and when she’s not sucking you in, chewing you up ‘n’ spitting you out, just for fun, on tracks like the down n’ dirty opener “The Crucifier”, the sexplosive “Into the Fire” or the groovy as hell title track, she tends to sound way more charming and more interesting on some of the mellower tracks like “Rules n’ Bones” or the pure ballad, “Count Me In”. Her interplay with fellow guitar-goddess, Clara is also good and them brief leads, of hers are nothing sort of memorable. Missues Ida n Nicki, come up with all the grooves n battery the band needs, but while I like how they groove together, I think their bottom end is a bit “too phat” and too high up in the mix! (Again I was talking sound – not anatomy eh! Cause anatomically all of them barbs – are as Yum, as it gets).
I’m guessing that if the girls, would dare to lose a bit of that, big, bad-ass sound and mix the bass a little lower and the vocals a little higher and if Mia ‘d find a bit more freedom in her expression, through experimentation, other than the angry, gutsy vocal she usually does, since she seems to “have it” in her, this might take them Barbs into new and interesting territories, musically speaking. For all I know, I’d enjoy some of these tracks a lot more if the production was a bit more hard rock than modern heavy metal. Maybe someone - should play them “Magnet to Steel” by Chrissy Steel and see if they could be steered in that direction sound-wise, cause I think that kind of sound and production, would really become them!
However I cannot argue, with 4 beautiful Swedish ladies, that pack so much wallop and attitude. Simply can’t! If you haven’t heard them before, check them out, by going for the back catalogue, first. If you do have one of the previous albums, you can expect more of the same, which after all ain’t too bad! It’s just a matter, of making it to the next level and these girls, seem to have what it takes to get there, they’re just not there yet! Should they reach, it? Then I guess, super-stardom will follow. Having seen them early on and after a couple of tours, I can say that they’ve become tighter, leaner and meaner in every way conceivable, so... I’d like to see where they’ll be on album number 4, sooner rather than later.
Up the Barbs! Crucifixion? / Yes! / Good! Out of the door, line on the left, one cross each.