Critical Solution - Barbara the Witch

Critical Solution Barbara the Witch cover
Critical Solution
Barbara the Witch
Crime Records
Critical Solution is a Norwegian band that’s being going on for a number of years with some three albums to their name this one inclusive. They seem to favor old school heavy/thrash metal musically, with faux-occult themes a bit like early Metallica crossed with Merciful Fate, but with terrible third rate shouted vocals that make even friggin Cronos, of Venom, sound like a fucking opera tenor, in comparison.
While, their song ideas are pretty cool and their chops match their ambition, the subject of the singer is a thorny one, as he’s also the lead guitarist. Given a good vocalist, this would probably become my most favorite shit, since forever, but as it is I can barely listen to it, because of how f@cking atrocious, Christer Slettebø sounds… if you can imagine worse than DRI vocals (and I like Brecht) sung over Metallica like songs, you might get a picture…
Could hardly be worse vocally, but musically there’s little at fault. Get a singer, like yesterday.