Cristiano Roversi - AntiQua

Cristiano Roversi
Galileo Records
Cristiano Roversi is a known member on the Italian prog rock scene as he has been in bands like Moongarden, Mangala Vallis & Submarine Silence over the years. Being a multi-instrumentalist himself, as well as a composer and producer, he has released two solo works to date, “Music From My Room’s Window” in 1999 and “The Park” in 2003. Now, he’s back after almost a decade with his new solo work entitled “AntiQua”.
There are a number of musicians participating in the album. One by one we have: Aldo Tagliapietra (vocals, lyrics & acoustic guitars on “L’amore”), Bernardo Lanzetti (vocals, lyrics & concept on “Tales from Solitude”), David Cremoni (electric guitar on “Crave some Loneliness”), Erik Montanari (acoustic guitars on “Crave some Loneliness” and “L’amore”), Fabio Serra (electric guitar on “Morning in AntiQua”, “East or West?”, “Celestial Slowfall” & “AntiQua”), Gigi Cavalli Cocchi (drums on “AntiQua”), James Larcombe (Hurdy-Gurdy on “Dimlit Tavern”), Leonora (vocals, & lyrics on “Falling”) and Mirko Tagliasacchi (Fretless Bass on “AntiQua”). Cristiano does all the rest, as he has written most of the songs and has also engineered the album. The mastering was done by Fabio Serra. The sound is clear and quite smooth. The stunning cover artwork was designed by Ed Unitsky.
Finding the musical freedom he was longing for, Cristiano will take you into a prog, soothing, melodic and emotional journey throughout the album. The album follows the 70s formula of bands like Genesis and solo artists such as Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett & Steve Howe mostly. While I fancy this nice, easy-going, smooth and serene music, I think that this album lacks some big tunes that would take the whole thing a step further. Moreover, a change of moods is a necessity for I believe Cris isn’t getting into hot water here. “AntiQua” has its charming moments but overall it doesn’t excite that much. Assuredly, this is a decent album, not doubt about it.