Crazy Lixx - Sound of the LIVE Minority

Crazy Lixx Sound of the Live Minority cover
Crazy Lixx
Sound of the LIVE Minority
Frontiers Music Srl
With a few albums under their belt, this “live” album works as a decent summation of the band’s career up to this point as well as marking the end of an era, as its guitarists quit the band after this performance thus affecting a few that were already planned and casting the band’s future into some doubt for a while, there.
The album was recorded at Bang Your Head festival in Balingen, Germany in July 2015 and has been mixed by Chris Laney, who has previously been entrusted to mix live albums for Europe, Talisman and Crashdiet, among others. It does sound a little suspiciously too well mixed, which begs the question of how “live” it might be, but the band is indeed entertaining live so I guess it doesn’t mind all that much, although I’d like an “official” unprocessed bootleg, warts and all, a lot more… either you cut it or you don’t. Stuff like “Blame It All on Love”, “Riot Avenue”, “Heroes Are Forever” and “21 till I Die”, which are included here, more than cut the mustard…