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Ha – what’s this – album number four for these Swedish pompy masters, that together with Heat and Eclipse are really making waves, pumping out some nice 80s flavored hard rock that rivals the best stuff of the heydays of Scandi-rock of the 80s and even dares to look straight into the eye the American scene, in terms of quality. Crazy Lixx probably came out about the same time as the Crashdiet’s of this world (who made quite a splash) only to crash n burn and then to find a bit of an uneasy balance 3-4 albums and frontmen later and while they never managed to get in the public eye as much as any of the aforementioned acts, they were consistently getting good reviews due to their solid albums and performances, which is only fair.
This time around the band decided they would do an eponymous album, the sort of “statement” that supposedly means a band thinks it has reached a bit of a stage in its career where it’s on the top of their game. It’s quite true that CL2014, sounds as good as they ever have. They have written and recorded an energetic, fun filled album, choke full of hooks – the mix is awesome and D.Rex sounds as good as ever!
“Hell Raising Women” is the spirited opener that praises the beauties of rock n roll women... and oh well, I suppose if you’re living in Sweden or in LA, that might as well be true... but try Buttlins dude, it’s like 30 years too late! Oh those metal gilfs :P Some of them were hot in the 80s! Ha! Hey but their daughters are to be “slaughtered” now right? Think of H.E.A.T. mixed with a bit of Kiss and you’re in the zone...
“Sound of the Loud Minority” takes a step back, being a little wimpier, more “Def Lep”-like in places, but it has the marks of a classic shout-y Crazy Lixx tune.
“Outlaw” is slower and displays great dynamics as there’s ample space for Rexon to do so. Excellent chorus and another passionate performance.
For “Girls of the 80’s” the band totally throws itself in a timewrap – even soundwise AOR-izing themselves considerably while retaining their sound… it's a nice retro-sounding hard-edged 80s anthem, again praising women that wear their hair big and flaunt their goods. Well if you got it… flaunt it, I guess… just don't complain about the dick boyfriend and the herpes :D haha…
“I Missed the Mark” is one of the better songs, on the album, it’s a more experimental, obviously the band original with vocals channeling Paul Stanley at times and the tons of background vocals giving it a more Leppardish flavor, while the whole thing, still retains the bands own signature. Great... everything... chorus, solo, song, performance! We’ve got a winner, ladies and gentlemen!
“All Looks, No Hooks” was probably not written for this album, but for people who seem to be more interested in their looks rather than their musical chops. Quite a few chimps out there, in Hollywood and elsewhere… some of them actually with careers… lots of tats, vocal pedals to just distort or effect rid vocals, auto-tune and presto. Normally it takes talent to do this… lots of it.
“Ain’t No Rest in Rock n’ Roll” is way more rocking, out and out, screaming Krokus sort of fodder, only a lot more melodic.
“Call to Action” is rhythmical and muscular, slightly different in mood, but it takes forever to release its payload, thus being the least gratifying song of the album. Well at least it has a nice solo in there that sort of makes up for it taking an hour and boring us out of our tits to get to the chorus.
“Heroes are Forever” is a re-recording of the bands biggest hit, because their debut is out of print. Allegedly. Oh well, I just think they wanted to stick it in here as well… but whatever, it’s a good tune. It’s a bit more polished “now” bolstered with more melody and I guess it’s a matter of preference if you like the “more raw” original or this “more melodic” and mature version better. I sort of like em both quite the same, although the original is still a little better imho.
“Psycho City” is a “clap your hands and shout it out” sort of sleaze-oid thing out of hell knows where, but it’s a good bit of fun. It sounds as if it was sprinkled with a bit of magic fairy dust by uncle Alice the Malice and then left to its own devices in Sin City… oh well... good funkey stuff.
And coming full circle and ending things a bit more traditionally “Wrecking Ball Crew” is a fast and furious, sing-a-long with over the top percussion and big vox. Good fun which is pretty much what all of the album is about.
Well, finger LIXXing good!