Crashdïet - The Savage Playground

The Savage Playground
Frontiers Records
King for a day… rise & fall… a little taste of heaven and things like that are coming on mind every time I come across Crashdïet. You see the guys managed to achieve the unachievable back in 2005. They simply released the best sleaze/glam metal album of the 00s! Ha, I bet most of you have noticed it. “Rest in Sleaze” is classic nowadays. I still remember how it blew my mind back then, the review was praising and the interview with the guitarist Martin Sweet was great as well. The guys were ready to take over the world… at least we all – including themselves – believed that. But fate had different plans and it generally moves in mysterious yet cruel ways when it actually takes action. The bad news spread like lightning and we were wondering if this was some “weird” rumor or something like that. Unfortunately it was true and Dave Lepard did leave this world and the band for unidentified reasons when he was on his prime. The band made a major mistake back in the day. They shouldn’t have gone on without Dave. This was Dave’s band and regrettably perished along with Dave. They should have gone under a different name, and that was the right thing to do.
“The Unattractive Revolution” was a letdown, especially due to the bad vocals. Hadn’t they heard that guy before they recorded the album? WTF?! Then, “Generation Wild” was OK and thankfully the new singer Simon Cruz was very good. Now, he seems to fit in with the other guys and that’s obvious in this album. “The Savage Playground” is the second album with Simon and probably the first album that the band is integrally delivering the goods without being affected or “haunted” by various other things and specifically by Dave’s absence.
Well, “The Savage Playground” ain’t “Rest in Sleaze” and those who are longing for a “RiS pt2” better look out for another band. It has its ups and downs. Ohh I really wish it hasn’t had those “ill-advised” downsides. Why on earth should a hard rock/sleaze metal band release an album that’s one hour long?!! Com’ on! That’s the first and the main fault. That means there are fillers here. And, indeed, they could have dodged a couple or more songs. For instance, the opener “Change the World” & the lead single (what?!) “Cocaine Cowboys” (I’m sure I’ve heard this title again by WASP – don’t ya?) should have been left out of this album! Who had ever thought of releasing such a mediocre (at best) tune as a lead single?! The guys on the labels seem to have various problems with their ears this time as most videos are for generic songs generally. Anyhow, the other downside is the production. The snare is too “dry” and the whole sound is a bit “fuzzy” at times. Of course, I’m not sure how the final product will be like since this is a digital promo copy with a tolerable sound quality. Why some labels are doing so, I cannot tell as well. You spend several bucks for the album and you send some digital (nowadays this is how things are done – Okz) promo copies to the press without carrying about the sound quality at all? Why’s that? Do you sabotage your own product?! Well, possibly!
There are some songs which indeed have a good vide, nice hooks and beautiful melodies. “Anarchy”, “California”, “Circus”, “Sin City”, “Drinkin’ Without You”, “Damaged Kid”, “Excited” and my personal favorite “Garden of Babylon” which lasts about 7 and a half minutes! Yeap, who would have thought of that huh?! The guys hit right on the spot with this amazing tune. Overall, “The Savage Playground” is strong and undoubtedly their finest moment since the “classic debut” in 2005. Several songs have a tad more to give without trying hard to be hits or anything like that. Hence, play it loud and give it time…