Coven 13 - Destiny of the Gods

Coven 13 Destiny of the Gods cover
Coven 13
Destiny of the Gods
Shadow Kingdom Records
Coven 13 originally started out in the mid-80s in the US as Coven when they also released the underground heavy/doom metal album “Worship New Gods”. That album was re-issued in 2012 by Shadow Kingdom records. First, the band had reunited with its original members in 2011.
So, after almost 26 years, Coven 13 are back with a new album. I guess I was expecting things to be a bit different. Well, to be more accurate different in a good way. Anyhow, the band is still into the classic metal, doom metal, heavy metal thing even though they have mixed things up in a couple of cases where they sound like a gothic band (“Isle of Man” & “Spellbound”). The singer, David Landrum, was never a great vocalist; he has a quiet “barytone dramatic voice” and he lacks range. At times, I think he cannot hit the right notes as well. Probably there is something here or it is just me! The production, done by the band, is OK but kinda thin & not punchy.
The major problem here apart from the vocalist is the songwriting which is rather bland, overdone and uninteresting. I know that they were part of the 80s era, and this is, in any case, a sensitive point on their metal résumé that can easily wash away their drawbacks for some 80s metal maniacs, but that doesn’t work for me. You cannot return to metal music with a flat, insipid and uninspired work after 26 years and expect to have a better luck than the one you had in the 80s. For if you didn’t manage to make it back then how can you make it today when the antagonism is way harsher? You obviously need something more than an “80s background”… you need melodies, hooks, riffs, inspiration and even a “solemn” cover artwork. Sorry, but this is totally not the case here…