Cosmosquad - The Morbid Tango

Cosmosquad The Morbid Tango cover
The Morbid Tango
Marmaduke Records
Cosmosquad is a US trio that has been around for 20 years so far. “The Morbid Tango” is the band’s new release 10 years(!) after their previous work, “Acid Test”. On the new album, the bass duties are handled by Kevin Chown (Tarja, Bombastic Meatbats, Paul Gilbert, Der Elefant). The founding members, Jeff Kollman (Bombastic Meatbats, Glenn Hughes, Mogg/Way) on guitar and Shane Gaalaas (B'z, Diesel Machine, MSG) on drums are still here leading the way. The guest musicians on the album are: Jeff Babko on keyboards, David Collier on percussion, and Jono Brown on strings. The album was conceived and recorded at Crumb West Studios in Simi Valley, CA, produced by Shane and Jeff, and mixed by Gaalaas.
Musically, Cosmosquad’s music can be described as instrumental prog metal/rock but there’s more than that… as they blend various genres together such as jazz-rock, jazz-fusion, Latin rock, funk & metal among others. Their music is very experimental and the improvisations are part of the music’s core. Add the atmospheric and calmer passages to all these and you might get an idea of how this trio sounds like. Certainly, listening to them is way better than trying to describe their music, so I suggest checking out this album, if you find any of the above-mentioned music amalgamations at least interesting.
Cosmosquad are not “afraid” to go heavy, something that most bands that blend several music styles are afraid to try out and that’s also another part that separates them from others. Of course, this ain’t an “easy listening” album and it does need time and devotion but it has what it takes so as to grab the listener’s attention. There are some really nice melodies on the tracks and the music performances are truly amazing. “The Morbid Tango” is an album that presents the arty essence of heavy fusion prog music and it does remind us, once again, that the actually talented musicians do not get what they deserve in today’s music industry… so be it!