Corrosion Of Conformity - Corrosion Of Conformity

Corrosion Of Conformity cover
Corrosion Of Conformity
Corrosion Of Conformity
Candlelight Records
COC are back with a new self-titled album and a few remarkable line-up changes seven years after the last studio album “In The Arms of God”. Normally, when a band names an album after its name it declares… either the band’s debut… or a new era for the band. The case with COC here, is the second one.
Reed Mullin the original drummer is back with the band after almost a decade and this is also the first album without Pepper Keenan (vocals, guitars – joined COC in 1989) after 21 years! Apparently, Pepper’s absence from the band would have affected their music style… and that’s more than noticeable when you listen to “Corrosion Of Conformity”. The fans of the band, who like the Pepper era are currently disappointed with how things turned out eventually. Others are pretty cool cuz they see the original members of the band (as a trio now – the last time they appeared as a trio was in “Animosity” If I can recall) making a new record that does not have those “groove, thrash” & “metal” elements the previous ones had with Pepper on board.
One thing is pretty clear from the very first note of this album… they do need a vocalist… and that’s unfortunately not the only case here. I do not know why they didn’t write or record with Pepper… but like it or not, he is a big miss for the band generally. The Black Sabbath influences are far too clear when you’re listening to this album… yet, I cannot help but think… why on earth do we need to hear some 3rd grade category Black Sabbath music with bad vocals and a weak & moody production in 2012? It’s like Black Label Society is having a depressing, awful day while they try hard to sound more like Black Sabbath… and record all sort of stuff on their home-studio…
This is not only dull but also tedious… that I’m afraid to play it again… it’s so no listenable music… it has nothing to offer… not a good verse or refrain, or even a damn riff to hear. Why are they wasting my time and theirs? Haven’t they got anything better to do? I’m wondering who’s gonna buy it… and how many times he will play it… before… he starts crying out for his money… just when I thought I’d found the worst album of 2012… this shit pops up…