Corrosion Of Conformity - IX

Corrosion Of Conformity IX cover
Corrosion Of Conformity
Candlelight Records
Oh boy! After the 2012 comeback album, which was a total turd, I thought I was never gonna hear from this band again but shit-man I was sooo wrong! COC are not what they used to be. For more details read the review of the previous homonymous album here.
This thing, without Pepper on vocals and guitars, is out of order. How else shall I call it?! The three members left could have gone under a different name and play their shit but I guess they kept the name as a “selling point” in order to have their “old audience” at hand… or something like that.
I shall be honest and say that “IX” is not as bad as the previous homonymous work. That’s an accomplishment by itself! It still doesn’t have a certain musical viewpoint. On the one hand they sound like Black Sabbath (Ozzy era), on the other they remember their metal/thrashcore days and they do sound as terrible as Metallica after 1992. Ohh throw in a few heavy rock or more (modern) stoner untasteful elements of the 90s and you’ve got the new COC album! As easy as that.
I can’t tell if their loyal fans will go crazy over this album – the die-hard ones tend to adore every album by their beloved bands not matter if they are good or not, so they do not need to read (unpleasant) reviews like this one. Then again the lack of ideas and the weak songwriting are once again present here. The production is fine but it’s really hard to overcome the fact that the tracks are very generic, unoriginal and tiresome after a while. For how long can they keep it that way…? I’m just wondering…
Do not waste 40 minutes of your life on this. Go do something else… watch some porn or whatever… it will be much more creative than listening to this tiresome album!