Cooper Shea - Partners in Time

Cooper Shea Partners in Time cover
Cooper Shea
Partners in Time
Blue Tiger Music
“Partners in Time” is an album that was released with a latency of 42 years or something like that! I know it sounds outrageous but these 4 young musicians, D.h. Cooper on guitar, Gary Shea (New England, Alcatrazz) on bass, Peter French (Leaf Hound) on vocals & Herman Rarebell (Scorpions) on drums made a try to play and record their debut album in the UK sometime around 1973 but to visa problems Gary returned to the US and Herman to Germany. I do know that the musicians’ names ring many bells… and that their career could have been somewhat different if they had made it to release an album back in the day. None can say if things would have gone for the worse or for the better… but I can surely say that it ain’t usual to see such friendship bonds on musicians that last for some 40+ years. No matter what each one of them succeed in their personal career they all kept the dream alive to release all-together an album without any time limitations. That’s very respectful & insightful indeed.
“Partners in Time” is exactly what these guys are. The album features two tracks with vocals, the bluesy rocker “High Time” and the classic/melodic hard rocker “Nickels and Dimes”. Peter has a great “raspy” voice. I would have preferred a few more tracks with vocals, in truth to be told. The other 9 track are fully instrumental and you can hear the trio displaying their talent over guitar, bass & drums. “Don’t Make Angels Cry” and “Voices” are two instrumental tracks of rare beauty. There are emotional, touching and refined. True gems in a few words! The production is rockin’ and has a “sweet” 80s atmosphere all over it.
So, has it worth the waiting, one might ask… it certainly did! Of course the final outcome wouldn’t have been the same if this album had been released 40+ years ago, since the musicians were fairly young and not as mature as they are today. “Partners in Time” will be appreciated much more from musicians and especially guitarists but also from the old rockers who fancy the rock music of the 70s and the 80s. Give this album a chance cuz it’s way better in every part than the majority of the modern blank releases that wannabe (retro) rock albums and are being released in tons on a daily basis…