Confess - Haunters

Confess Haunters cover
SG Records
Confess is a pretty fun band, on their sophomore album, that has this modernized Skid Row meets Ratt edgy “Street Metal” sound, that parts seedy, sleazy hard rock, hair and big balls having to fit in tight spandex.
Think “early” or singles only Crashdiet and any other decent Scandi band of their ilk, but this band doesn’t feel the need to have a singer strutting around waxed/bare chested like a friggin satin peacock (how many of you got the reference w/o having to google it up mofos!?)…
The riffs keep coming throwing down the gauntlet all the time, even after you pick it up and John Elliot quite possibly unrelated to Joe, has a nice gritty voice that would fit Crashdiet well if they ever decided that there’s any riot left in them. They also don’t seem to mind infusing their songs with melodic passages and trying to shuffle their songwriting tricks and styles a bit in order to not bore the listener...
“Haunters”, the album, kicks off with a nice intro called “Irony” that leads straight into “Strange Kind of Affection”, which is spearheaded by a beautiful riff and hits the bulls-eye right from the go.
“Stand Our Ground” has this meaty riff and is a tiny bit more thumbing in a balsy – metal way… without forgetting to sound “anthemic”, where it should and have a nice solo in there.
“We are the Rats” possibly mirrors the cover art, that’s possibly the only aspect of the album that didn’t impress me much… but unlike the tongue in cheek – cover that seems like a children’s book illustrator smoked crack before painting it, the track has a nice but dirty chorus that bites with its claws deep into your conscience and doesn’t let go…
Trying to differentiate themselves a bit and not get type casted, the band fires “Haunting You”, a more melodic number with even some keys – an 80s sing-a-long melodic number with occasional harder hitting moments for good measure and a haunting – darker atmosphere.
“Talia” is more “guitar oriented” fun and sounds like 80s hard rock with a commercial flair… something that wouldn’t feel out of place in some good-bad movie from that era.
“How Could I Let You Go” is a pretty neat AOR flavored ballad – think Motley Crue, if Vince was a better more emotive singer maybe?!
“Animal Attraction” a title that’s not original for sure, but a track that’s a ballsy high gear Leppards meets Motley… in a combination that’s rocking – I guess…
“I Won’t Die” slithers and crawls slowly… a hurt track – that suddenly erupts into a galloping chorus that it repeats a couple of time… nice variation of what the band does, keeping things on the fresh side of things.
“Lady of Night” has some pretty silly rhymes, but it was the first track that kicked off in my playlist (I had shuffle on) and I was like wow… this ain’t bad… this ain’t bad at all… a bit predictable, but not any less enjoyable because of that.
“Tonight” is a nice “gritty” softer song/semi ballad with discreet keys that doesn’t outlast its welcome… leading into “Let the Show Go On”, a flashy – show off track that tries to strike a balance between sounding commercial by not flakey and fake and manages to do so, quite well as a matter of fact…
“Eye to Eye” is a cover of a Tevin Campbell tune that was famously used in 1995’s “Goofy movie” by Disney – a rather underrated song that the band rearranges to fit their style in a sleazy and breezy way that feels more Danger Danger than Skid Row, so to speak, something that doesn’t make it a bad track per say but it maybe feels a little out of “sequence” along with also the last track... “Vittring” a pretty faithful and “fun” cover of the Magnus Uggla classic from 1978. A nice pop/punk/bubblegum track about doing whatever the funk you want.
Building on the strengths of their debut and improving on every conceivable level, “Haunters” is very enjoyable from start to finish, it sounds fresh and the band seems hungry. If they manage to up the ante, once more on their next attempt, they could end up with a genre classic album pretty soon! More power to them!