Coldspell - Frozen Paradise

Frozen Paradise
Escape Music
Third work for this Swedish hard rock/melodic metal act, and we all know how important the third work of every band is. In total honesty, this is the band’s finest moment to date, but it is still not enough to convince me that these guys can do much better than this or go bigger. Following the steps of their previous album, “Out from the Cold”, this album does have a better production (Tommy Hansen), a heavy sound & it’s more cohesive on the whole… but it doesn’t have that “X” factor which will make you get stuck with it for days.
Were I to say what that “X” factor is, I would definitely say that it’s the hook-lines and the melodies in general. They are just very generic and overdone. Nothing to impress you or make you wanna sing along. At this point, in order not to have any misunderstandings, I must say that the band plays well, they are not bad at any point but that doesn’t necessarily means that they can get to the top. They will retain their fan-base but I can hardly see them getting lots of new devotees. Closing, “Frozen Paradise” is a solid album as a whole…