Coldburn - Down in the Dumps

Coldburn Down in the Dumps cover
Down in the Dumps
BDHW Records
Coldburn is a hardcore band from Leipzig, Germany. They started in 2009 and since then they have released an EP and a full-length album “Hybris” in 2011 and “The Harsh Fangs of Life” in 2012 respectively. After various live shows during the past years the time to release their sophomore album has finally come.
“Down in the Dumps” blends the old sound of hardcore, along with more contemporary passages, punk features and aggressiveness. There are also two guest appearances on the album, one on “Scour the Rust” by Dan Mills (Cold World, Disengage) and the other on “Lingering Death (Melancholia II)” by Chris Linkovich (Cruel Hand). The production is tight, heavy and punchy.
Coldburn may only be 6 years in the scene but they have proved that they do not fool around when it comes to live shows and new music. The guys follow the hardcore path with devotion and they offer another good choice to those who are fond of this kind of music. If you’re into hardcore/punk music, then do give ‘em a chance after all…