Code Orange - Forever

Code Orange Forever cover
Code Orange
Roadrunner Records
“Forever” is the third studio album of Codie Orange, three years after “I Am King” and their debut in a major label. I guess they reached their goal to be in a major label, so now they are cool and try out new things. They do try to embellish their metalcore, hardcore-punk, extreme, post-hardcore & sludge metal sound by adding some melodic, poppish, industrial & grungy elements to it, but I do not think that this is something that their loyal fans would appreciate eventually. Moreover, the last 2 tracks, “Hurt Goes On” and “dream2” are two pieces of atmospheric, industrial & horror music that have nothing to do with the band’s music style at large.
Needless to say, their “core-like” tracks are kinda identical… it’s like listening to the same track with a few variations once in a while. That thing brought the last Sepultura albums in mind but that’s a different story. The production is heavy & powerful; producers Kurt Ballou (Converge, Black Breath, High On Fire etc.) & Will Yip (Arctic Monkeys, Cradle Of Filth etc.) are responsible for it.
In general, “Forever” will divide the band’s old-time fans but it’s more likely to bring new ones on their camp. I’m sure that the die-hard fans of Code Orange didn’t like the fact that the band signed to a major label, but that’s the biggest dream every band has out there. In any case, “Forever” is a typical “core” & aggressive album. If it didn’t have the new elements, it would be so tiresome… no that is way better now but it does have some kind of “variety”, if I may say so!