Coastland Ride - On Top Of The World

Coastland Ride
On Top Of The World
Avenue Of Allies
Coastland Ride is a Swedish band that was formed back in 1997 and several years after (in 2003) the guys managed to release their debut album which was simply titled “Coastland Ride”. I do not know why it took them 8 years to release the follower of their debut but in the meantime they changed label and signed with the German Avenue Of Allies.
The songs were recorded at various studios in Sweden in 2011, produced by Coastland Ride and mixed by the band together with Patrik Norman. Jonas Ekstrom was in charge for the mastering of the new CD… and I must admit that the guys have done a great work here. The sound is very clear and classy. There are various guest appearances on the album such as: Sven Larsson (Street Talk) - guitar solos on 1, 2, 5, 7, 11; Leif Eriksson - guitar solos on 3, 8, 10; Morgan Ostlin – saxophone solo on 4; Patrik Norman – guitars, bass, keyboards, drums & programming on 7, 8; Mikael Cederholm, Benka Jansson: backing vocals on 5; Maria Ritzen – female vocals on 10; Mark Woznicki – the voice on 10.
The band is playing Westcoast/hi-tech AOR with various pop/rock elements… the result is tasteful and the album flows really nice. It’s an easy listening album and all the song arrangements are truly good. The album is on the same musical style as the debut. While listening to the songs bands like Toto, Chicago, On The Rise (especially this one), Talk of The Town, T’Bell and Final Frontier came on my mind… just to give you a hint of the band’s music style. “Act Of Faith (One Million Reasons), “Wait”, “On The Top Of The World”, “Made Up My Mind”, “Sandra”, “Lodestar”, “Jericho Falls” are nice melodious tunes. If you like these bands and this kind of music then check them out, for they have actually done a very good work here.