Clutch - Earth Rocker

Clutch Earth Rocker cover
Earth Rocker
Weathermaker Music
There are times when people in the press are so into one album and you can’t help but read amazingly good reviews here and there and you kinda feel that the Apocalypse is here, the best album of your life has been released and you haven’t grasped it yet… and the story goes on and on. Those were some of my thoughts while fooling around taking some quick looks of what the press and the fans say about “Earth Rocker”. Sometimes, I thought that I was listening to a different album or I had accidentally put the wrong disc on the player. Nope, that ain’t the case at all.
Stoner rock, classic rock, heavy rock & blues-rock are being embellished with numerous truly annoying modern/pop elements which makes the final outcome not only lighter but also too damn modern and unbearable to follow after a while. Why did they choose to do so I can’t tell but guys hold your horses here and stop calling this average album, a masterpiece cuz’ the whole thing has become terribly cliché and boring. According to you, damn masterpieces are being released every week or so. Stop fooling yourselves and other people in the name of good PR. There are a bunch of stirring heavy rock bands out there that ain’t got the publicity they merit and they play so frigging well that they’ll make you forget about this album in seconds…
“Earth Rocker” lacks in songwriting so badly that it’s not easy to find a superb tune that will actually rock you. The production is great and very clear… but then again, it ain’t as heavy as it should be for this genre. Sorry, but I don’t find this album striking at all neither innovative nor a masterpiece. This is uninteresting, tedious, simplistic & ordinary, at best, stoner rock with shitty modern features which don’t flatter (and factually ruin) the final result in every part. Do you actually believe that this is a great rock album in the way it was meant to be in the 70s and the 80s? Tell me about it in a decade or so from now! Cheers…