Clutch - Psychic Warfare

Clutch Psychic Warfare cover
Psychic Warfare
Weathermaker Music
It’s almost impossible to review a new Clutch album. I mean, they’ve always been a good band and they’ve always released good albums. But let’s not lie, they’ve never been amazing (I just know I’m gonna get so much hate-comments for this).
“Psychic Warfare” is the band’s 11th full length album which stays true to what Clutch fans have learned to expect from them: Mainly, scruffy vocals dripping over heavy blues guitar riffs.
On the one hand, you have your catchy lively jams, the kind that almost compels you to bob your head and sing along with Neil Fallon (“X-Ray Visions”, “Firebirds”, “Sucker for the Witch”, “Noble Savage” and “Behold the Colossus”), and on the other, you have the slower heavy/stoner rock mini anthems (“A Quick Death in Texas”, Your Love is Incarceration, Decapitation Blues and “Son of Virginia”) which sound like, as I’d imagine, the chilliest, coolest, man’s man motherf@cker must feel like when having his dick sucked whilst drinking a pint of lager.
I can’t help pointing out that it seems Clutch have been compared to ZZ Top one too many times, because “A Quick Death in Texas” is clearly a ZZ Top track performed by Clutch. Or maybe it’s because the album was produced by Machine whose studio is located in Texas. Maybe the vibes of the bearded Texas trio reached Clutch. One thing is for sure, Texas is definitely the reason for the instrumental little Doom Saloon.
I would describe this album as the musical background of a night you drink beer and smoke weed with your guy friends deep inside your man-cave. So, basically, if you liked 2013’s “Earth Rocker”, you’d like “Psychic Warfare” as well. Perhaps not that much, but you’d definitely listen to it at least a couple of times. That’s the whole story in a nutshell.