Cloudscape - Voice of Reason

Cloudscape Voice of Reason cover
Voice of Reason
Dead End Exit Records
Cloudscape have been making a bit of a name for them releasing quite worthwhile albums for the better part of a decade since their official debut some 10 years ago. These Swedes are also quite workman like too with “Voice of Reason” being their fifth album, working out to about an album every couple of years on average.
Without straying much from their typical style, melodic sometimes slightly aggressive in a power metal way with sufficient prog parts to keep things interesting, I guess a fair band to compare them to would be Pagan’s Mind, who are pretty good but I ‘m not too big on their singer. While the whole album is fair, the power metal pride anthem, that “All for Metal” is made me cringe?! Seriously? What’s next a Cirith Ungol cover and the band wearing spandex and spikes? lol!
Other than that “cacophony”, the album is generally fairly good with my only qualm being that the mix could have been a bit more defined, I guess, it’s not bad, but it’s a bit amorphous in the low/mids.