Civil War - The Last Full Measure

Civil War The Last Full Measure cover
Civil War
The Last Full Measure
Napalm Records
Only a year after their sophomore release “Gods and Generals”, Civil War are back with their third full-length release. The new album finds the band as a quintet as bassist Stefan “Pizza” Eriksson and guitarist Oskar Montelius have left. The last and most important change for the band is the departure of the vocalist Nils Patrik Johansson that actually took place as I was writing these lines! The band just made a statement without mentioning anything certain and that’s all. As they say, they will continue and they are probably looking for Nils substitute as we speak.
Anyhow, let’s say a few things about the new album. “The Last Full Measure” shows the band’s further progression, as it does move on the same path with the debut and the second album but now the band is a bit more focused and matured than before. I do think that this is the band’s heavier stuff to date. The Sabaton-like war epic power metal is still evident even though the band is trying to get rid of Sabaton’s ghost little by little. The production is powerful & heavy and the mixing & mastering was done by Jonas Kjellgren (Amorphis, Dynazty, Katatonia, Hypocrisy etc.).
It’s hard to say if this is the band’s best work to date, but all I can say is that this album features some very strong heavy/power metal tracks such as: “Road to Victory”, “Deliverance”, “Savannah” (what a melodious chorus!), “Tale That Never Should Be Told” and “The Last Full Measure” that will satisfy all the power metal fans and not only the die-hard devotees of the band. Even the two bonus tracks “Strike Hard Strike Sure” & “Aftermath” (a power ballad) are truly superb.
What can I say… things seemed to have been going so well for the band, till that unexpended departure of the vocalist came about. I do not know if this change will work for the band’s own benefit or not but I do hope so, cuz Civil War is a very frank & hard working band on the whole. In due time we’ll know who will be the one to bear the burden of front the band…