Circuline - Counterpoint

Circuline Counterpoint cover
Inner Nova
Circuline is an American crossover prog band founded in 2014 by former members of Downing Grey, (a prog tribute band) Andrew Colyer (keyboards, vocals), Bill Shannon (guitars, vocals), and Darin Brannon (drums, percussion), who felt like the time was right for them to attempt to write original material. Lead vocalists Billy Spillane and Natalie Brown were brought in, both with great performance experience and so the band debuted in 2015 with “Return”, an album rich in influences as well as guest musicians.
For this years, “Counterpoint” they’ve gone pretty overboard with some seven guest guitarists: Randy McStine (The Fringe, Lo-Fi Resistance), Doug Ott (Enchant), Alek Darson (Fright Pig, Meridian Voice Project) Ryche Chlanda (Fireballet, Renaissance, Flying Dreams), Alan Shikoh (Glass Hammer), Matt Dorsey (Sound of Contact, Dave Kerzner) and Stanley Whitaker (Happy the Man, Oblivion Sun).
The band has a parchment for the theatrical, both in terms of the way they structure their compositions, but also in the way they sound, like a real amalgam of all your favorite “prog” bands from back in the 70s but with a more up-to-date production and a bit of an 80s concept ambition and ambiance… it’s more about the “feel” and “ambiance” than specific melodies, which makes this a bit challenging at times, if you don’t get into the right “mood” right away… so the album as a whole ends up being a case of hit or miss, the latter mostly… I’m afraid to report.