Chrome Molly - Hoodoo Voodoo

Chrome Molly Hoodoo Voodoo cover
Chrome Molly
Hoodoo Voodoo
Chrome Molly is an English hard rock band that was formed back in 1981, probably during the best era for the rock music in general. Anyhow, the band managed to make it for only ten years and they disbanded. Almost 19 years later, in 2009, they decided to return to action. In 2013, they released the first album after their comeback, “Gunpowder Diplomacy” and now 4 years later they’re back with a new studio album called “Hoodoo Voodoo”.
The band stays true to its hard rock & melodic metal roots. The tracks are OK just like the performances but there’s a “major” drawback that doesn’t let you enjoy any fine moments the album has. Unfortunately, that drawback is Hawkins’ vocals. I know that he ain’t young anymore and he can’t sing like he used to (it is not that he was a great singer back in the day or anything like that), but it ain’t very pleasant to hear such a weak voice on all tracks, not to mention the “bum notes” here & there. Things could be different with another vocalist or someone who could sing properly at least. Anyhow, the production is fine but a bit “muddy”, in my opinion.
The guys are making an effort here but it’s all been “destroyed” by the final outcome that doesn’t live up to their expectations. I’m sure they wanted things to be diverse and feel like they are in the 80s again… but back then it was kinda difficult to release an album with such bad vocals. Unluckily, the final result is a somewhat irritating and it’s impossible for someone to listen to a couple of tracks in a row…