Chris Ousey - Rhyme & Reason

Chris Ousey
Rhyme & Reason
Escape Music
Chris is presenting his first solo album… after 25 years that he has been on the rock scene and having participated in bands like Virginia Wolf, The Distance and Heartland. He is well known to the fans of hard rock, melodic rock and AOR music… he has this raspy/rockin’ characteristic voice… that’s hard to forget. Accompanied by the producer/guitarist Mike Slamer (City Boy/Streets/Steelhouse Lane/Seventh Key), the songwriter/guitarist Tommy Denander (Radio Active/Alice Cooper/Silver - too many to mention), the bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Gary Moore) and the drummer Gregg Bisonette (Dave Lee Roth, Ringo Starr)… not bad at all huh?
All the songs here were written by the duo Chris/Tommy… and that’s quite obvious… it has Tommy’s musical trademarks all over the place… melodic hard rock blends nicely with AOR and the result is… something between RadioActive and Seventh Key. Mike Slamer mixed and produced the album and the outcome is truly amazing (just like he did on his solo album). Tommy co-produced it and it was mastered by Christoph Stickel at MSM-Studios in Germany.
“Rhyme & Reason is a decent album from start to finish. Songs like: “The Mother Of Invention”, “A Chemical High”, “Give Me Shelter”, “The Reason Why”, “Any Other Day”, “By Any Other Name” and (the ballad) “A Natural Law”… won’t dissatisfy any rock fan out there. This album features some great performances by Chris (besides the other guys) and delivers qualitative rockin’ music indeed.