Chris Holmes - Shitting Bricks

Chris Holmes Shitting Bricks cover
Chris Holmes
Shitting Bricks
M & O Music
Right, former WASP guitarist following various not too high profile collaboration, after his second exit from the “mothership” decided to try to go it alone, as a solo artist releasing a solo album back in 2012 and now just a few years later and following a relocation from the states to France of all places, a second one… aptly named “Shitting Bricks”… maybe because adapting to a new country/environment is a bit of a challenge? I dunno…
As far as the music is concerned, it ain’t all that bad, with typical rock ‘n metal tunes that may not be always up to “WASP” standards, but more than often have a nice riff and decent ideas. The production of the album is not a million dollars, but still it fits the style sufficiently, then again the big problem here is Chris’ own vocals, which are really bad. He’d hardly cut it as a backing vocalist, let alone a lead one. So there lies the biggest problem of this “effort” by Chris. Should he find a good vocalist and release something with another person on vocals (even maybe re-cutting some of the stuff on the “solos” under the guise of a band, this could be a very “serious” contender, since there’s a bunch of “good” stuff on here guitar wise, but the overall result leaves an awful lot to be desired.