Chris Holmes - C.H.P.

Chris Holmes C.H.P. cover
Chris Holmes
Mighty Music
So riding a little on the coat-tails of his WASP heritage and perhaps the notoriety generated by his appearance in the infamous DOTWC2 documentary, Chris Holmes seems to have managed to sign a deal with Denmark’s Mighty Music and the release of a “new” album is expected any day now. Only it ain’t new and it ain’t all that great.
Holmes debuted as a solo artist with an album entitled “Nothing to Lose” done along with the late Philthy ‘Animal’ Taylor from Motorhead, and he even did release another one last year, after relocating with his wife from the states a few years back entitled “Shitting Bricks”, which wasn’t thoroughly horrible, but no “great reveal” either, but it really suffered because of Holmes own vocals, which are for a lack of a better word an abysmal take on BLS Zakk Wylde, only far worse.
This new “Chris Holmes Project” is basically a selection of tracks from “Nothing to Lose” and “Shitting Bricks” along with 2 chaotic live “bootleg” performances. It’s some rather poorly produced raw rock n roll with bad vocals and when it comes to the first album tracks, some really bad drumming too. Only for the totally die hards that don’t give a shit about what they’re listening to, but follow people.