Cholane - Caution!

Cholane Caution! cover
Yellow Snake Records
I will not profess to know a thing about this German bunch, named after a steroid, that were formed in 1982, don’t seem to have gone on hiatus and only managed to release a debut in 1997, I’d have to imagine with little or no fanfare… After another musical entry in the 00s they return some elven years later in the 10s, with their third album… a rather weekend warrior approach I suppose, but to each his own.
Their style is a typical hard n heavy metal, with their singer Jurgen Wulfes, sounding like a very bad cross, between Udo Dirkschneider and Marc Storace…. while the music’s straightforward style (think of Accept, Saxon and AC/DC influences) is not too hard to like, and the dual guitars attack for which both Wulfes and Kai Steffen are responsible, is quite good, it’s the vocals that really make me dislike, the end result, to quite a degree. Udo’s voice is quite unique, so a guy that sounds similar, but more nasal and somewhat deeper overall, and sounds really weak in note shifts when he sings in a cleaner way sounds – not as good in comparison. And the songwriting while fair, ain’t as cool as in the case of the aforementioned bands. I seem to recall a band from the 80s called Danton featuring Udo’s brother Peter, that later resurfaced in Vanize, who were decent, but never managed to really hit a streak. So while Cholane, might appeal to people that are crazed about anything 80s and are vinyl fetishists and the like, I somehow think that will leave most of the rest of normal folks, rather cold.
Tracks like “Wicked Man”, “Streets of Fire” and “Eternity” are not bad and if you can look past the weak accented vocals, that didn’t do it for me, you might actually enjoy the album.