Children Of Bodom - I Worship Chaos

Children Of Bodom I Worship Chaos cover
Children Of Bodom
I Worship Chaos
Nuclear Blast Records
Once upon a time there was a budding Finnish metal band which could wonderfully blend melodic death metal with heavy-power metal… but that’s so long ago. I could easily copy-paste the review of the previous album “Halo of Blood” here and it wouldn’t be a bad fit, since it is more or less the same thing.
Boredom will take over after a couple of tracks and you’ll try to find other things to do to get away from the monotonous music that comes from the background. Very basic guitar riffs that anyone who plays guitar for the first time can play and almost no memorable melodies. It’s like the band is on auto-pilot. I wonder how much more tedious they can become if they continue like this. The production is very good – it’s more or less the same on every album, so no worries on that part.
“I Worship Chaos” is not a solid album; it’s mediocre at best and really tiresome if you’re not a die-hard fan of the band. It was a pain in the ass to listen to it throughout, without any breaks. It’s that uninteresting and dull. If they keep it like that I think Nuclear Blast will show them the door, sooner than they imagine…