Chicago - Now

Chicago Now cover
Frontiers Records
Chicago’s history goes all the way back to 1967 when they were formed. Since then they’ve been enjoying fame & fortune and various No1 hits in the music charts. Time unfortunately passes and shreds everything in its way. No way to stop it. That’s life.
Chicago has been going without their iconic vocalist/bassist Peter Cetera for too long now. For me no Cetera no party… you see his voice was/is so damn characteristic that all the huge Chicago hits have Peter’s unique voice. It ain’t anything wrong with the guys who have sung after Peter – but I think it’s hard to reach him even though if they do it likewise.
“Now” is the band’s 23rd studio album! Un-freaking-believable! Nothing has really changed in the band’s music style – how could it have after all? The characteristic brass & trumpets are still here along with their pop, soft-rock & AOR music direction. The production is full and very smooth and it was produced by the band members. The “weird thing” is that it was recorded with “the Rig”, the band’s customized mobile recording system. Each songwriter oversaw the production of their compositions, and the band collaborated as a cohesive unit throughout the writing and recording process. When newer bands are trying to record the old-way and sound more 70s… here comes the old ones and use the technology all the way for their own benefit! How cool is that huh?!!!
Chicago is already a successful & legendary band and its future won’t be marked by this release. “Now” is an OK album with a couple of really good tracks like “More Will Be Revealed” & “Naked in the Garden of Allah”… but unluckily the majority stands into mediocrity. Ohh also the track “America” is tedious and one of the cheesiest & most meaningless tracks I’ve heard in a while! Truly tasteless! The whole album tends to become a bit tiresome after a while but I guess that’s due to Chicago’s typical music style… their songs are meant for compilations, beach bars, (web) radio etc., where you can pick up certain tracks without having to listen to the whole thing…