Cherie Currie - Reverie

Cherie Currie Reverie cover
Cherie Currie
Independent Release
Ages ago, even before yours truly was even born – producer Kim Fowley, some quirky weird old man, put together a girl rock band, that did have a meteoric rise and fell by the wayside, just a few years later, crashing and burning, making some of its members iconic rock artists, on their own right. The band in question would be no other than the Runaways whose career inspired even a movie, a few years ago. Lita Ford and Joan Jett, seemed to get the most out of the situation, launching and maintaining somewhat notable solo careers, shortly after the Runaways, broke up. The bands original vocalist, Cherie Currie, did try her hand in acting and would periodically resurface music wise without any great success, but also raised a family and begun sculpting woof with the aid of a chainsaw – go figure!
A couple of years ago, Currie, also teamed up with former Runaway alumnus Lita Ford, to record some Xmas song – like so many other nostalgia acts do, in hope to cash in on the Christmas “spirit”. I have absolutely no idea of how that went… but now, some 35 years later, CC, decided to go it all the way and release a solo album, entitled “Reverie” on her own through iTunes. She’s aided, by the late Fowley, who did write four of the tunes and coproduced them, her some Hake Hays, Lita Ford and Mitch Perry.
Her voice, has held up quite remarkably well, even though all those years and the songs, while not as rocking as some of the Runaways numbers, still have some spank about em. They are in general a bit mellower, but on occasion, get a little harder edged. Think, rock n roll, rock, pop and a bit of punk.
The title track, which opens the album, is an endoscopic tune, modern sounding and rocking, but quite mellow over all. It’s actually pretty pleasant all things considered.
“Inner You” is a lot more emotive, slower, almost acoustic and has a pretty amazing if not a little simple chorus. Far bluesier, but very sensuous.
“Is It Day or Night” is a Runaway original that is a simplistic rock ‘n roll tune from the debut that works. In fact Lita, must be contributing some vocals here too. In no way, better than the original it’s still an enjoyable enough romp down memory lane.
“Shades of Me” is another slow and sweet number, which sounds a bit like Travis. It’s a duet with Currie and her son Jake Hays, with their voices sounding good, in uni-mother and-son. Mitch Perry plays some nice slide guitar adding that distinctive slant to the track.
“Queen of the Asphalt Jungle” is another simple “rock n roller” that works well enough without demanding for laurels. It does feel a bit spartan though and that it could have sounded a bit more impressive with some harder hitting percussion. It feels too laid back.
“American Nights” is a party-anthem, another re-recording from the Runaway days. But, to be quite honest, in comparison to the original recording it feels too a bit reserved – when it should have been a lot more all out... like back in the day. Party anthem for slightly older people then – hahaha! Cherie, wasn’t even a “Sweet Sixteen”, when she began her musical adventure, ye know!
“Dark World” is a deep and dark and cuts like a knife, with its slow and bruised appearance... it even gets a bit epic during the chorus. Not bad at all.
“Believe” begins with a bit of guitar strumming and follows up with a very organic build up. It’s one of the most sincere and direct songs of the album, where CC, pours her heart into it – and it shows. The tender orchestral arrangement, works well along with the heartfelt vocals and it ends up being one of the better songs on the album.
“I’m Happy” is another slow song – almost gospel-like a bittersweet tribute, to CC’s own life...
“Another Dream” closes the album and it still has a lot of string orchestrations. It’s also bittersweet, but it lets a ray of light shine through its darkness. It’s all about not giving up.
While it doesn’t rock as much as one might have hoped so. Cherie’s album is honest and melodic and could very well, win its place in your heart should you give it a chance.