Cheetah - Rock & Roll Women

Rock & Roll Women
Bad Reputation
Other than a fine Whitesnake tune, “Rock &Roll Women” is the title of the sole and fan-fuckin-tastic album by the Aussie rockin duo of sisters Chrissie and Lyndsay Hammond. Apparently they were active from sometime in 1977 and they went on until sometime in 1982, with the sisters previously having done session work for several Australian artists including Jo Jo Zep, Jon English, Marc Hunter, Flash and the Pan and as a vocal duo some touring with Stevie Wright, Norman Gunston and Daryl Braithwaite. Lyndsay Barnes fronted a group called Skintight and toured with Renée Geyer before forming Cheetah with Chrissie Hammond.
The magic of the album – is that it’s written by Harry Vanda and George Young – that many of you may recognize as the producers of AC/DC and (family-cousins) etc … and Easybeats members etc... so stylistically we’re talking about... a softer version of AC/DC with ladies bits basically! Oeers missuses!
“Bang Bang” is a riffy and funky, quite fast paced opener that roars in – and just grabs you by whatever’s hanging out there in the open! It’s a drunken story about getting “shitfaced” on love and totally falling in and out of it... Pure awesomeness!
“Suffering Love” has Lyndsay purring out like a cat, like a BIG cat, like a CHEEEEETAH, before it breaks in a frenzied, danceable break-beat and gets the rock n roll going on... there’s a lot of sneering and nasty screaming but Lyndsay manages to do it all while staying on some note, thus, it’s all quite melodic... must have been quite punishing, for her vocal cords I imagine – but wow!
“Spend the Night” is a fantastic ballad, with the two sisters exchanging lines and then singing in unison. Even Lyndsay – is pretty melodic here, something – that usually Chrissie is responsible for. Don’t get me wrong. Both sisters, have voices that are pretty good and flexible and mix together pretty well, it’s just that Chrissie is the inherently more melodic one and Lyndsay the wild and more huskier sounding one, so, when you hear all the screaming you know who’s doing it... When Chrissie is doing a high note it’s cleaner and more focused... so it’s different, but together with her sister, it also sounds great – if they sing the same thing, the same thing happens if they both sing some melodic passage.
Back to “Spend the Night” well it’s one of those “golden” ballads that has a perfect build and it’s just amazing... it’s not a weepy tearful one, it’s a melodic, powerful love song – about wanting nothing more than – being with someone you love – and spending the night with them – now whether that would be romantically or otherwise… that’s left to the imagination…. hahaha!
“Rock & Roll Women” is another strong rocker – with a very sturdy riff and a huge groove, about women in rock, about being a girl and wanting to buy a guitar and go out and not to do TV, or cabaret but ROCK! Easy – does it!
“Scars of Love” just like “Spend The Night” before it is a friggin awesome track, with a cool melody and a tiny riff that runs through it – basically it’s just some silly ride and Chrissie and keyboards for most of the track – that hold it together – but it’s pure MAGIC!
“My Man” is Lyndsay, (mostly bragging about HER man, being crap at doing housework and not really being handsome or anything too special, but being HER MAN! (Go girl!) This must be one seriously anti – feminist tune! Haha!
“N.I.T.E” is a slow and sexy funky roller about, an encounter at some local watering hole... it’s has some mean guitar licks and some even nastier vocals that almost would make the walls sweat. Heck I’m about to start writhing here and I’m just writing a review some 30 years later damn it! lol!
“Come and Get It” has some badass riffs laid down while some cool verses also are being built, and the chorus just dominates. Need I even talk about the solo?! The solo is like receiving a backflip kick by Chuck Norris!!! So… Goodnight.
“Let the Love Begin” is another writhing bedroom anthem, something to ponder, while you’re fighting to find your way around the sheets cheeky A sexy hymnal to human passion, with a warm and sensuous, delivery by both the sisters… what a chorus…! Eargasmic!
Originally on the vinyl “I’m Yours” was the final song… a fast paced syncopated, number about, having the balls to go after the missus you want and “getting her”... if you’re lucky and if you qualify.
On this re-master – (which is a decent job, with a fair bit of sonic headroom and amplification added to the original) the 1981 single “Love You to the Limit” that’s a bit of a “Wild Thing” rip off, (at least the intro has a bit of the riff, uplifted, is added as a bonus. It’s a worthy addition, possibly the best of the “singles that the band released”. Apparently there was an unreleased song from the sessions, as well as the videos and the Korean Photo-shoot that could have also been included here, but... hey, Deluxe Edition maybe? Lol!
So… If you like AC/DC, Big Hair, Big B00bs and Big voices!!!! This one’s right up your alley! (Oooer! Missus) I mean what’s not to like… and speaking of boobie…
The legend has that the two lovely missuses C&L who were really easy on the eyes, (correction: drop dead gorgeous and still at MILF age are holding on pretty well) and were taking no prisoners at their live shows – were having trouble at one of their live shows, with some punter asking them to show their T#%$, so, again the legend has it that – possibly Lyndsay (?) had him come onstage and went on that she’d fulfill the request if he’d show his willy to all (cheeky)! The poor devil, tried to get off the stage, but the crazy lady proceeded to get his pants round his ankles, revealing a tiny pecker, thus making him the laughing stock of the whole audience! Haha, it’s sufficient to say, that after that – Cheetah never got pestered again, by rowdy punters!
This will shake You all Day & Night All Night Long!!!