CC Coletti - Woodstock Lane

CC Coletti
Woodstock Lane
Independent Release
CC Coletti is one of those ladies that makes rock music more beautiful… we need rock ladies like her ‘cause rocking music is not a male’s thing only. CC Coletti is known worldwide for her rocking duets and background vocals with the world famed singer Meat Loaf and his Neverland Express World Tours. She has been also featured on four of Meat Loaf's DVD’s and recently she was the opening act for his European tour.
The truth is that this Lady has a great rockin’ voice… nice attitude and the potential to go on. “Woodstock Lane” is CC’s debut album and it is influenced by classic rock bands/artists like Bad Company, The Black Crowes, Janis Joplin etc (60s-70s-80s)… here you can listen to funky rock themes up to bluesy rockin’ tunes that will bring you back memories of that sweet 70s era.
The CD was produced by the well respected guitarist/songwriter Anthony Krizan who has been a member of the Spin Doctors, and also was recorded in his state of the art recording facility, Sonic Boom Studios in Raritan, New Jersey. During this time period CC and Anthony have formed a band and they have played in various rock clubs in order to support the release of the album. I bet that they sound wonderful on stage, so whenever they play at your neighborhood, take the chance and enjoy their funky-blues-rockin’ music. If you like 60s – 70s rockin’ music with blues and funky influences then CC and her “gang” will rock your world. Give her a chance if you are into this kind of music.