Cavalera Conspiracy - Pandemonium

Cavalera Conspiracy Pandemonium cover
Cavalera Conspiracy
Napalm Records
Well, did we need a third Cavalera Conspiracy album?! OK, some are shouting that we need it yeah yeah yeah… and some others do not give a shit about it. I think we’ve already had enough with all kinds of music projects which have nothing to offer musically or artistically… except for some extra bucks for the musicians and the labels’ pockets. That’s the story whether you like it or not.
Max stated that this is the heaviest album of all. He also said to f@ck that groove and go back to fast and heavy stuff. OK why not?! But why was he busting our chops with groovy stuff and how great “the groove” is and things like that all this time? What’s wrong with some artists? Have they gone totally wacky and cannot recall what they used to say? He probably got tired too by that tedious groovy thing he puts out with Soulfly all these years…
Anyhow, “Pandemonium” is indeed a pandemonium, as the tracks are heavy, fast and brutal with a somewhat blurry and “chaotic” production which was done by John Gray (Soufly, Ministry, etc.). As for the songwriting… better let it go. This is the epitome of how pointless the “songwriting thing” might be, if you can play some basic guitar riffs & be heavy, fast and brutal at the same time. It’s just like they’re fooling around in the studio recording everything that comes to mind! Yeah… that good and well-arranged!!! I believe it’s time to stop wasting everyone’s time, put their shit together, go back to Sepultura and offer us that friggin heavy-thrash album they owe us for over 20 years now…