Captain Crimson - Ageless Time

Captain Crimson Ageless Time cover
Captain Crimson
Ageless Time
Moving Air Music
Three years after their debut “Dancing Madly Backwards”, Captain Crimson are back with their sophomore release. This new album also marks the addition of the new bassist Chris David (ReinXeed, Azoria) on the band’s line-up.
“Ageless Time” more or less picks up from where they left off on their debut. Heavy blues rock with classic rock and groovy elements from the late 60s and 70s era is probably the best way to describe their music. They are heavier than the average blues rock band and bluesier than the average heavy rock band… I think they have found the perfect balances between those two genres. The album was produced by the band and mixed by Jocke Frisö. According to the band the recordings took place in a small chapel in Svartå (Sweden) and everything apart from the lead vocals and the guitar solos is played live. Even the reverb on the drums is from the ambient microphones in the big hall so no effects have been used. I have no reason to say otherwise and if things did happen that way then I see why the album has a “live” feeling all over it and it flows with “music energy”. Hence that thing makes the final outcome even more impressive especially by the way it was achieved!
“Ageless Time” is a trip into the late 60s and 70s era when bands used to feel the music and make music that was coming from the heart. A guitar, a bass, a drum-kit and a voice were more than enough to play music and to make the crowds go crazy. No fancy equipment, no huge expensive studios and digitally cut/paste corrections to get things done. A few takes were enough in order to have the best of results. Captain Crimson seems to be devoted to that music era and they try to follow that “retro rock way”… if you feel the same too about the 70s music, then put on your bell-bottom trousers, open a bottle of Scotch whisky and sink your teeth into “Ageless Time”…