Capilla Ardiente - Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness

Capilla Ardiente Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness cover
Capilla Ardiente
Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness
High Roller Records
These Chilean dudes are serious about their doom and not so bad, actually when it comes to delivering it... obviously, I will overlook the usual – press release BS “The most Important release since Candlemass’ “Nightfall”, sure… you’d wish… but then it’s better than some hapless off key Swedish shit and other stuff that people where trying to present as the best thing since the dawn of time… hehe.
With only 4 real songs clocking at more than 10 minutes each and 2 introductory pieces, this loooong player is not for the fainthearted and I must say it did at a point gimme a yawn and I had to check which song I was listening to (lol), because God, do they play SLOW at times…
Capilla Ardiente which by the way means “Burning Chapel” play a style not to dissimilar to that of Evangelist, fellow Chileans Procession or Forsaken, well Candlemass, pfff, they’re not THAT epic, maybe a more melodic Krux… would be a more fitting and apt description?!
“Consequence and Consequences” is a nearly three minute intro to with rich melodies and even nice acoustic moments that leads to “Nothing Here for Me” the first proper song, which is heavy, martyric and for the first half is driven by a hard hitting riff and a persistent groove. Then it almost dies down to lament its existence for a while, before it returns for a really cathartic conclusion.
“Towards the Midnight Ocean” begins with a nightmarish and gloomy sounding section, heavy on the riff, only to likewise slow in the middle to call up Leviathan to rise from the depths... and then it slowly seems to rise up from the gloomy depths gaining momentum until it suddenly and abruptly stops.
“Naufragios” is a soft, and mystical interlude that’s possible eluding to being shipwrecked and must have come from a mistaken Greek translation... I gather.
“They Who Were Lost and Now Are Cursed” seems to be one of the best compositions (as if there are many – at 10 minutes each) as it manages to have nice dynamics combined with a nice riff and interesting vocal melody... and a cool chorus...
Finally “Into Unknown Lands” is quite interesting, with some pretty cool ideas, and guitar hooks that almost become too endearing, but somehow managed to also lose me at times...
The proper long player and debut by these Chilean doom merchants sounds, quite decent actually, with one very cool song and some pretty good moments, but the option to go for some pretty long songs, really makes it a love it or hate it (or at least not love it that much) affair.
More songs would mean, more chances for the potential listener to sink their teeth into the band and appreciate their craft while now they’re given only 4+2… still maybe enough for some to like them… I’ll be keeping one eye open and one half closed I guess :D just to be sure!