Cage9 - Illuminator

Cage9 Illuminator cover
Even though they have released 7 studio albums and they have been around for more than 20 years, these guys from Panama, that are now located in LA, are taking their “biggest” and most important step, with their new album “Illuminator”. Some may have heard of them and that’s OK since good music is always good no matter what.
Their music blends alternative metal/rock, post-grunge and modern rock/hard rock… its modern essence has also a quite melodious & pop edge. This album also features the moody catchy single (also released as a video) “Everything You Love Will Someday Die”, which was written by the band’s main man Evan Rodaniche for his father, who passed away a while ago, after a two year battle with cancer. This is the track which caught David Ellefson’s attention and finally signed the band to EMP. In truth to be told, this is a very deep & heavy song, one of the best of 2016. Cage9 know how to keep the right balance between their heavy and melodic side. If you do not mind the modern core of their music, then you’ll surely revel in their music on the whole. The production is full, modern & heavy.
The album opens rather strongly with “Open the Sky” and “Gallows”, both very powerful and catchy tracks. And the “show” continues for about 56 minutes – you see the album features 13 tracks! Evan has delivered some of the top radio-friendly tracks of his career on this album. No need to say anything else about the superb production, Evan is a great producer largely. I think that those who fancy the modern & melodic side of alternative rock/metal music will relish this album a lot.