Bullet for my Valentine - Temper Temper

Bullet for my Valentine Temper Temper cover
Bullet for my Valentine
Temper Temper
RCA Records
I never understood why this band became so huge, in numbers of course, in such as short notice. This kinda of nu metal, metal-gay-core, alternative, modern, pissed off, gay-gressive music is not only devoid of quality but generally it has nothing to offer. Anyhow, the teenagers thought it was good and embraced it, so the band sold more than well.
Hence, what did you expect from this album? Not that they were too “heavy & good” when they started and now they lost that something. They were never nothing more than a modern mediocre – at best – group that gained more than they could ever have wished for and expected. Apart from the lame lyrics and the plain music, the songwriting is sorta insipid. Nothing changes as the songs keep on being played. In truth to be told, “Truth Hurts” is the nice song here. Don Gilmore, who produced the album, did a hell of a job. The sound is big by any means
As the band sings “truth indeed hurts” and their album is like those big in the eye presents which have a fancy wrapper and contain a bubble inside! In good conscience, the album becomes intolerable after a while. Wow! It needs talent to do so! If it weren’t for that one and only fine tune, this could have been rated even lower! A million bucks production with a fossa-level songwriting… un-freakin’-believable but true! Moreover, the inane cover artwork makes things even poorer! Cheers… especially to those who bought it!