Bullet - Full Pull

Bullet Full Pull cover
Full Pull
Nuclear Blast
These Swedish hard rockers are up to their fourth studio release in almost 11 years of existence. If you have happened upon the band before, you know exactly what to expect from them. If you have not, then I should give you a small description of what you are about to hear.
Envision a wild, nasty sex party among AC/DC, Accept & Krokus… henceforth; one of the numerous bastards is called Bullet. Musically, they’re imitating AC/DC or simply wish they could play as AC/DC while their vocalist truly sounds like a filthy crossbreed of Brian Johnson, Marc Storace and UDO. Although the result could have been better, this kind of vocals is sorta love ‘em or hate them. The production is quite good even though I would prefer it to be more rockin’ & dynamic than it is.
So, what’s new here? Nothing at all. Why should anyone bother to listen to these guys? Hmmm, they do play well, they are truly into hard rock & roll music… but that’s all. They could have easily been one of the numerous AC/DC cover bands around the world… if they are not considered to be one in the way they play. Should you miss AC/DC very badly, then they could prove a nice substitute for some times of the day but why will anyone miss AC/DC since they are active and they have once more started playing this kind of music and they still do it better than anyone in the world? No matter how likable they may sound to some & especially to the younger fans… the genuine thing is and will always be better than any copycats…