Buffalo Summer - Second Sun

Buffalo Summer Second Sun cover
Buffalo Summer
Second Sun
UDR Records
UDR Music has as of late signed some pretty nice new acts that are actually putting out interesting material, not blindly trying to find copy-cats of what’s popular, but actually trying to find bands that sound original enough, even when paying tribute to a certain, well defined style or sub-genre.
Buffalo Summer comes from the South of Wales, but thankfully their singer doesn’t have the usual Welsh twang when he sings. Their music is loud, brassy, soulful and bluesy, not to mention heavy. They recall bands like Led Zeppelin or their doppelgangers, The Black Crowes, with even shades of Deep Purple creeping in. Performing live has won them a bit of a following and this their second effort, seems to be solidifying them in the minds of people around the UK and elsewhere.
In all honesty BS stand out of all those retro wannabes like Scorpion Child, The Answer, Wolfmother and a few others, without even trying as they appear to be decidedly more original, even if they subscribe to a style that was previously popular. Managing to carry themselves across while retaining an air of authenticity is a hard thing to do and BS actually manage to do it pretty well.