Buckcherry - Warpaint

Buckcherry Warpaint cover
Century Media Records
Hey does anyone remember, Buckcherry, that band that was kinda cool for 2 seconds in the middle 00s, when they released a song about fucking that had a pretty lewd uncensored vid and all that?! With only Josh Todd remaining from the original lineup and everybody having jumped ship, it’s pretty much his solo project at this point… granted, I was never a big fan, but watching them live completely sealed the deal for me, as they managed to sound more worse and incoherent than the completely wasted Sentenced that I up to then thought to be the worst “professional” band I’d seen performing live.
The biggest problem is that despite having the right kinda attitude, JT has a really shitty voice, the same whinny tone that a lot of glam/sleazsters have only worse and less pleasant to the ear. He can’t exactly sing, or if he does, it sounds like shit anyway.
“Warpaint” opens with a nice eponymous track that rocks like a mix between Warrior Soul and The Cult, when they rocked, which is musically fair, but once Todd starts singing kinda ruined, since his double tracked vocal that’s panned to both speakers – sounds rather weak.
“Right Now” has some nice vibe and attitude, but not much melody; the vocals sound as if someone is trying to choke Billy Corgan, with lots of verb on…
Buckcherry covers NIN’s “Head Like A Hole”, which actually, I enjoyed quite a bit, as it feels meatier overall, with the goth/dark influence riffed up and the whole thing rocked up considerably, with overdriven vocals throughout.
“Radio Song” is a very badly sung ballad, by a guy that cannot really do it. It’s so bad that I’m sure people could blackmail others out of their money, by threatening to play it to them. The simple solo over which Todd doesn’t sing, ain’t too bad and obviously it’s the highlight for me for obvious reasons.
“The Vacuum”… well it’s always a tell-tale-sign of trouble, when rock bands or artists release songs with titles that could be confused with household appliances. It’s a bad bluez out, fuzzed out melodic mid-tempo that plods for a little less than four minutes, but feels more tedious than actually vacuuming up your house… pass.
“Bent” sounds as if someone mixed bad pop/punk with some latter days Bulletboys, but with worse vocals. Broken is an adjective that one could add to bent…
“Back Down” is a watered down rocker with bad vocals and even female backing vocals going – woo-hoo… making it sound like some bad Las Vegas lounge nightmare with guitars…
“The Alarm” is another very basic song; think disturbed’s “Get Down with the Sickness” only worse and even more monotonous.
“No Regrets” has some almost Offspring punk ethos, but obviously I don’t need to tell you, I’d rather wish it was sung by the Dex.
The Hunger” is another lame attempt at a ballad, with lyrics that are even lamer and one could easily lampoon the hell out of. Do you want some fries with your heartache, mr Todd? Terrible, monotonous and I’d rather run barbwire through my ears than listen to it again.
I had false hopes that “Closer” was gonna be the last track… it’s actually a funky little song, that ain’t too bad – if you’re willing to overlook the elephant on the vocals. Live… if the band wasn’t terrible, it could be good fun.
“The Devil’s in the Details” is department sale store sale Kid Rock. A moderately nice riff repeated ad nauseum… until it ends and with it the album and the torture.
While I usually like ballsy hard rock, this album feels like razor shaving your balls and then cooling them down with some alcohol. I got incon”wenie”nced, and listened to it, so you don’t have to. It’s time for Josh Todd to depart this band and hopefully the music scene as well. This party started and ended almost fifteen years ago, but someone forgot to tell this guy.