Buckcherry - Rock N Roll

Buckcherry Rock N Roll cover
Rock N Roll
F-Bomb Records
Buckcherry likes to keep it hot, so they’re back only two years after “Confessions”, with a new album. What’s new here, you might wonder huh? Well nothing to be honest. We have one of the same again. It’s to wonder how this band has managed to become so famous and wealthy over the years as they haven’t offered anything apart from the “Crazy Bitch” track, which is wonderful but not enough to make them so big in general. They are definitely lucky!
“Rock N Roll” is like a “reheated food”. The same style, the same songwriting, the same song ideas with flat melodies & unmemorable hooks that end up sounding really boring in the end. The band’s repetitive style has become somewhat tiresome after all these years. It’s obvious that they use the same songwriting formula over and over again but for some friggin reason they manage to make it! The only good thing about this album – apart from its great production – is its short running play (about 37 minutes)… meaning that you do not have to waste much of your time if you manage to listen to it from start to finish…