Buckcherry - Confessions

Buckcherry Confessions cover
Century Media
Well, I didn’t have any great expectations from this band, so I approach their new – sixth – studio release kinda carefully. Their video for the track “Gluttony” left me under good impressions and I was hoping that the whole album would be as enjoyable and rockin’ as that aforementioned tune. If that were the case then I would probably have gone wrong about them… and I wanted it to be that way.
Fatefully, it didn’t so here we are again. “Gluttony” is like the album’s best sample – a great song for a single that will gather the followers and some other “irrelevant-transient” music fans. If we left the sorta listenable “Nothing Left but Tears” aside , then the rest of the album is so generic, run-of-the-mill and overdone that will easily force you to do others things while listening to it so as to get it through. The track “Sloth” with the blues touches, “Pride” with the narration ala Chris De Burgh and the “I wannabe a Billy Idol tune” “Envy” are merely unbearable for example. Additionally, 50 minutes of running play for such a disc are way too many. That modern GnR meets Aerosmith, meets AC/DC meets Stone Temple Pilots meets Rolling Stones and so forth is rather fine as a blending but the flat songwriting doesn’t help it go any further. The production is first-rate though in every part.
Certainly, you’ll find some nice tunes on their back-catalogue as the great “Stripper hit” “Crazy Bitch” but Buckcherry isn’t a cohesive hard rock & roll group that you will go crazy over. They’re OK and that’s all. “Confessions” won’t add anything new or extraordinary to the band’s discography…