Bryan Adams - Get Up

Bryan Adams Get Up cover
Bryan Adams
Get Up
Badams Limited/Polydor Records
Bryan Adams has been a legendary musician for years now and he has offered us some great classic rock tracks over the years. None can lessen his contribution to pop-rock music in general. That’s the one part of the story. The second is that he’s not as good as he used to be (like the majority of the old rockers) but he still releases OK albums even if the songwriting is rather blunt at times.
“Get Up” shouldn’t even be regarded as a full-length album as the 9 tracks last about 25 minutes! This is the running play of an EP. The album has also got 4 acoustic versions of the album’s tracks. With those 4 acoustic tracks, the running play goes around 36 minutes. Moreover, only 2 out of the 9 tracks last more than 3 minutes… the rest are around 2+ minutes! That’s weird… at times you feel like listening to something that was gonna be a “proper track” but it isn’t for some reason. The songwriting is very plain and it becomes boring in the end. The melodies are all flat but not awful or something like that. The production is great as always. The album was produced by Jeff Lynne (ELO).
There’s nothing to make the fans feel confused about “Get Up”. Either you’re a BA fan and you get it, even if you’re not gonna play it that often (probably after a month or so – you won’t play it at all) or you’re a pop-rock fan who likes the hits mostly… then again you’re not gonna find any “hits” here, so you better let it pass you by and better search for something else to satisfy your needs…